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Coronavirus Information: Buy Masks Here
Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Health


The singer says she spent much of November in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19, days after dining outdoors at a Miami-area restaurant.
A rise in the number of deaths from the coronavirus is certain to follow.
This winter is “going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation,” said Dr. Robert Redfield as the coronavirus spreads rapidly.
Officials voted to exclude marijuana after cannabis activists said the law would take away their only legal place to smoke.

"If you can loot businesses, burn down buildings, engage in a protest, you can also go to a Christmas party," President Donald Trump's press secretary said.
Health officials fear the crisis will be even worse in coming weeks, after many Americans ignored pleas to stay home over Thanksgiving.
How to know when your cloth mask is no longer protecting you and others from the coronavirus.
President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force lost its most controversial member this week, and many medical experts were relieved.
A new report examined blood donations in nine states between mid-December and January. Some showed evidence of coronavirus antibodies.
In the first installment of this new interview series, the author of "How to Cure A Ghost" and "Like A Bird" talks about self-care and survival.